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Our history includes: corporate club management, beauty and fitness author, gym director, celebrity trainers, fitness instructors, martial arts guru, television champion demo team performances. Proud to have mastered in the field of fitness and sports.Certified and insured.

We love to encourage all ages including seniors that it is never to late to workout and stay in shape. Keep living everyday likes its your first. Some of our seniors are in the best shape of their lives.We encourage daily fitness routines to over come health condition's. Through exercise, the mind and body responds in a positive outcome. Clean eating and green diets are available as well as competition diet plans.

 Training celebrities, executives, corporate groups, private client home sessions, outside boot camp, Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes including private sessions for martial arts. 

 We offer lots of useful family fitness and beauty tips:

Mommies to be should workout everyday as I did. As long as you check with your Dr. and you are healthy,I say why not. Make sure when hitting the cardio machines you do not over heat yourself as well as the baby. A brisk walk on the tread mill or precore is sufficient. No need to sprint. Have plenty of water near by with continual sips. By the time you are done your water bottle should be emptied as with any workout. You will have less complications during birth when you workout. And by keeping the weight down and working the muscle fibers which will burn fat while toning. You will be stronger during delivery. Your muscles has memory and will get you right back into top shape after birth.  

One of our celebrity clients stayed busy working out with our post-pregnancy shape -up plan. 

Don't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat and gain some

poundage.Wrong mind set that so many women do as this will make it

harder to lose that baby fat. You want to fit and trim to handle the new born and being a role model to your children is so important. Remember children will do as mommy does. If you are active or involved in sports, the majority of the time the children will follow.  

          Speaking of children:

 Sports keep children focused, healthy and fit. With child obesity over the top we as parents must be an inspiration to children. So get up, take charge, take the video games, media electronics away for a day or a week and encourage some fresh air and family time.If you do not have a gym membership, even better. Take them hiking, biking, walk the dog, hit the park and play some ball. Support a child in team sports at an early age. 

Children in sports are less likely to gain weight, drop out of school, get into trouble on the streets, and are focused on school work and learn to be responsible very early in life. Its a great way to also teach leadership, team work, discipline, confidence and self esteem.   

Team cooperation will help them in the work place later on in life!

A little hard work wont hurt them either!

Our programs are designed to improve speed, endurance, body balance, agility for better athletic performances. Eliminating weight issues that can effect children confidence and behavior throughout the most important faze of a child's life

As long a a child is encourage to exercise through sports you are investing in their future to succeed in life. Their are so many broken dreams for young American athletes today. You as a parent can help them accomplish their dream. 

Fresh air, sunshine and and some outdoors sports like snow skiing will keep them happy and thanking you for taking them out of the house. Love them hugs!

We encourage parents to help support and build confidence and courage through youth sports!


As a parent keeping your kid off the streets and in sports is a blessing to be thankful for! No matter what the sport, what the dream, encourage and support your child to greatness for life! Invest in what you love, your child.

Joseph a dedicated child star athlete. His credits range from being an accomplished martial arts champion, all star basketballer, high school Football NCIF First Team All League Champion and college football championship 3 years! Growing up in sports and fitness speaks for itself. He is exploding on the web as an up and coming Los Angeles top trainer and fitness model. With a large following dedicated to the science of nutrition and training Joseph will be competing in his first pro odybuilding competition. We are so excited to watch this energetic brain storm excel in the fitness world! 

Congrats Joey!

Joe is an expert on scientific nutritional coaching results. Knowing what your putting into your body by food measurements, time of food intake, processing and distributing the intake is vital to achieving amazing health and fitness goals. He can get u shredded in no time. Apply his method and fly with results NATURALLY!



Expect the unexpected when training with Joe. Results! You go to want it to succeed!


Follow him on Instagram: Joeyflexx7

Congratulations Joseph for your 2013 Summer Power Lifting Championship Wins!

Joseph has an inner strength and muscle power that many pros say it just blows them out of the gym! Joseph is all natural and not on any drugs (ever) that many live off in the gym. I know, I am his mom and he lives at home. He is a clean eater, spends his off time researching and is highly dedicated to a healthy lifestyle that he is sharing with so many. Read on......


Joseph and his brother grew up without out their father around. Joseph a toddler and Christian still in mama's belly, they became a band of brothers.Their fathers drug addiction at the time kept them many years apart until recently.The two brothers Joseph and Christian grew up in Los Angeles gang lands,drugs in school and the fast pace of the Hollywood night life. Their surroundings in schools quickly helped them to make a very early choice to stay in sports and later on to professionally share their knowledge in fitness and sports.They continue to make me proud,very proud.Their father visits them at their sporting events now with a clean slate.

Joseph (23) became a 2 time gold medalists as a state record holder in California in Oct, then he went to Vegas in Nov. and became a world record holder!  

Joseph has had a life of championship sports titles under his belt from a martial arts gold medalist (many times over), all star basketball champ,to a 3 time collage football championships then devastation hit the year of 2011-2012 of his football scholarship out of state. He hurt his back again weight training in the gym just before practice due to a prior car accident.His cautious weight training prepared him for the football season yet his back injury ended it all for him. Joseph refused pain medication even though he spent a lot of time laying in bed in pain and suffered a lot throughout the day. He could have given up, become addicted to the drugs so many doctors threw at him. Returning home to Los Angeles with a "What do I do now", attitude, Joe had many years of training experience,he became a certified personal trainer as a profession while attending collage again. 

His intense diet,and fitness knowledge got him a spot as a top trainer at a corporate gym and packed is schedule with clients. His heart was broken when he started therapy and was told he could not pursue his football career. So instead of complaining and giving up this non stoppable young athlete started researching other options in fitness and sports to further his career and competitive lifestyle. He hired an on line coach, continued therapy and exploded in the power lifting circuit.

 His story is so inspiring and so many social media fans have changed their attitude toward life while following Josephs career and passion for living life to the fullest.


Joseph trains with his new female partner that has a long list of record breaking championships as well. More and more women are hitting the sport. I say why not, we have to carry babies, groceries, laundry, gardening so why not! Girl Power! 


Oh how he has grown

(on the left) to be a beast and conquer!

2015 for Joey Starts off with more gold medals and titles for his Powerlifting Career:

Congratulations Christian on a great football season! 


Here Christian linebacker sacks the quarter back score 38 -7. His college goes to win the following week against Santa Barbara who were 6-0 and once again take the Pacific conference title a few games later on. Sports is the best outlet for inner city kids as it creates a building block for the work place and with all the hard sweat tears and hard cor training Champions are made to succeed beyond their capabilities. Congratulations once again.

Christian recently had shoulder surgery,trained hard under his brother Joseph pre season and has gone on to win Pacific Conference Championship which his college has won 17 times.

for his college and has one more game left this season. His brother continues to support him and give him big brother advice.Christian has several collage offers. His life is football and leaving home he has a great learning journey ahead. 










       BE ALL YOU CAN BE             THAT CHAMPION.!


We are passionate and dedicated trainers and instructors that know the human physique. We understand health issues and conditions. Researching with outstanding doctors we continue our independent research and have supported many


We offer corporate speaking engagements. Customized nutritional plans that create change, staying away from commercial fads that are temporary with many product recalls after the damage has been done to the consumer financially or physically.

Being highly knowledgeable in supplementation, we spend years testing, working with top health experts, experimenting and educating ourselves to better serve our clients. 

Keeping it simple while understanding today's science without messing with natures offerings from our green planet we attend many World Fest and environmental seminars extending the knowledge.

May we say we know what is best for the human body?Natural and organic is our choice. 

Make your choice today and change your life. 

Located in beautiful sunny California.

We offer a range of fitness programs.From personal training,outdoor boot camp, Velocity Bar,Body resistant bands,Shaolin Kung Fu, boxing, Tai Chi, Pilates, meditation, Super 8 abs, body sculpting,muscle conditioning,hard core weight training,Pro bodybuilding and Pro Power Lifting.Plus diet plans to fit your needs. We cover it all when it comes to fitness routines that best fits your lifestyle.

We also specializing in sports training for athletes,weekend sports enthusiast, Seniors and children. 

   We train our clients at private gyms, private hotel gyms, resident private training and offer environmental outdoor fitness.

  Offering fitness consultations and group sessions for corporate groups. Our celebrity and executive clients on the go have kept their healthy lifestyle throughout the years with one of our very own European celebrity trainers we feature this month: 

 "One of the top international fitness trainers and martial arts guru"

Xavier, who's specialty is sculpting the body from hips, abs, and thighs to professional weight training programs for men ( Xavier is a competitive Bodybuilding Champion) He offers a unique muscle toning diet program. He has 21 years in Shaoiln Kung Fu (Pakua) training and teachings, Judo French Champion and Gold medalist in forms, weapons and sparring.

Featured on E! Entertainment, CNN, Access Hollywood, Extra, Regis and Kathy Lee, Entertainment Tonight and many beauty and fitness publications as Glamour, Muscle and Fitness, Muscle Mag etc..

Xavier has had two workout videos on the International and US market naming him one the hottest trainers in the business.

Being a popular television fitness instructor and Europe's most sculpted body brought him media attention and landed a prestigious title in America as winning the title of 21st Tarzan for television.

Martial Arts Champion many times over

Xavier has changed many lives from bed ridden clients with major back and health conditions, prenatal, addictions, obesity, clients over 50 and senior citizens.

Alex has turned his life around training with Xavier and has become stronger and healthier than ever. There is no stopping Alex and his results building a clean, healthy, stronger physique is proof what dedication, hard work and focus on the positive can do. Congratulations Alex! You are a role model to many!

We love you!


"Some people never jump over that line of greatness because they are afraid of failure or becoming something great! Becoming different builds character!"

A dedicated sport consisting of highly intense training, offers a great experience. Lots of philosophy. A very special art form in the martial art world. Originates from the Shaolin Temple as an"Ancient Chinese Secret" which the monks practice to protect their Temple of wholeness of peace and tranquility." 

Xavier's teaching virtues of the

Ancient Chinese Art include:

1) Wisdom

2) Compassion

3) Sincerity

4) Courage

5) Patience

Competitive Body Building: 

Training is available.

Train like one for the health benefits even if you are not interested in this highly competitive sport.

If you are looking to get rid of that extra poundage around the mid section, Xavier is known as the go to ab trainer. He will define the waste line and create a sculpted and balanced 8 pack.

HEALTH TIP #8: Remember stomach fat is the most toxic fat on the body. Fat growing around the internal organs turns to cancer cells, not to mention the health conditions attacking the liver, heart, colon, kidneys, pancreas and many other organs. 

Muscles are beautiful, healthy,and have so many benefits!


We lose about 1/3 body mass per year after the age of 30. It is vital to continue adding heavier weight per year while eating a higher level of protein. Feeding the muscle will help to reduce fat as muscle burns fat. Lifting weights will raise testosterone levels in men. If you have low bone density weight training will be the choice for your training regiment.

Breathing is another art so rarely studied in the fitness world. But martial artist practice breathing as a serious art form incorporated in their performance. Tai Chi and Yoga are also a great way of understanding proper breathing techniques that is vital to our daily workouts and healthy life style.

HEALTH TIP #8: Living in the city can take a toll on ones mental health. I suggest meditation time outs. Find a location at home and create your own Zen room.Too many people rely on chill pills which in the long run will only end up damaging your organs and mind.

As a director of a West Hollywood gym, I decided to create and design a "Zen Room" for my students and gym members. You can do this at home. Use large river pebbles and potpourri as a stream around the edges of the floor. Add drip less scented candles and meditation music for the full relaxation feel.

Invite friends and make a Zen party out of it. Great time to unwind and have some green tea as your daily antioxidant regiment.

If you live near a park or mountain side take advantage of mother natures offerings. Meditate with nature.

When meditating think of happy moments and thoughts in your life. Use humming sounds by pushing from the diaphragm through the lips to relax the body.

The green planet has so much to offer. Walks, hikes and park play should be a weekly visit for you and your family.

Visualize silence and harmony when meditating. Peaceful noise through natures call. Meditate for Life!

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